Kingfisher Consulting LLC is owned by Warren Johnson.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, I traded in technology for life in rural Alaska. I returned to technology in 2001, becoming the IT administrator for the Haines Borough Public Library. In 2005, the library won the inaugural Best Small Library in America award, due in part to its technology programs and services. In 2006 I started Kingfisher Consulting, specializing in government and non-profit organizations. I later expanded to include more for-profit businesses, and in 2011 I moved with my family to Maui, Hawaii. I continue to support Alaska clients remotely, returning regularly for larger clients and projects.

While technology is indispensable, it can become a liability rather than an asset if it is not chosen and managed correctly. I believe in implementing the simplest solution possible that also provides the resources an organization requires to excel. I think it is important that each organization have a vision of how it plans to use technology to fulfill its mission, and I can help implement this if it is not already in place. Such a plan helps to ensure that individual technology decisions are not made in an isolated manner. I also believe it is important to perform routine maintenance of hardware and software resources. This generally reduces the overall cost of ownership, and provides more consistent availability of resources for staff use.

Finally, I believe in the importance of relationships. As a result, I have longstanding relationships with both clients and product vendors. The majority of my clients have been active since 2007, and I have been working with my primary vendor since 2001.